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Sufism means wisdom, both from within and without. Sufism is not a religion or cult with a definite doctrine or dogma  Any person who has a knowledge of life outside and within, is a Sufi. Therefore, there has not been a single founder of Sufism, but Sufism has been for all time.


A non-profit organization with the aim of spreading the message of Hazrat Inayat Khan, formed under Swiss law, with headquarters in the Netherlands. Devoted to the principle of Unity, and the message of love, harmony and beauty. We have afiliate organizations in a number of countries, which offer local classes and events.
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The Indian-born  musician and Sufi master (1882-1927) who came to the west and taught the universal message of spiritual liberty.


In the words of Hazrat Inayat Khan:

The effort of the Sufi Message is to give the opportunity to those serious seekers after truth that they may come in touch with the deeper side of life. No doubt truth is never taught, truth is discovered. It is not the wonderworking, it is not the life of phenomena that is the sign of the seeker. It is in the search for truth that God is found; it is in the finding of God that truth is realized. But where is God to be found? God is to be found in the heart of man.



Summer School 2015


Every year the International Sufi Movement organizes a Summer School in the Universel Murad Hassi, Katwijk aan Zee. This year's theme is inspired by a saying from Hazrat Inayat Khan; "the closer one approaches reality, the nearer one come to unity". During the Summer School we will look beyond the diversity of conflicting individual identities to the unity from which we all spring. 

The Summer School will emphasize personal work toward broadening  our horizon and strenghtening the thread of sympathy that draws souls together. the program will include a wide range of activities, such as sacred readings , breathing practices , musical and element attunement, meditative exercises, the Element Ritual and the singing Zikar.

Children are offered a two-day program of their own.

The Summer School is open to members of the Brother-Sisterhood Activity and mureeds of the International Sufi Movement. 


To register for the Summer School of 2015 please visit the registration page. When you register the confirmation mail will contain an attachment with program details. Information about the program can also be found here.

There is a special program for children, the details of which can be found on